Person Oriented, Family Centred




August, 2020

Our Sheung Yan House in So Uk Estate, Sham Shui Po, was launched into service.

May, 2020

Our Tsui Ngai Co-production Centre came into operation, offering vocational rehabilitation services in the Sham Shui Po District.

Our Sheung Chun House, Sheung Seen House and Sheung Mei House in the Kai Nang Integrated Rehabilitation Services Complex were put into service.
January, 2021

A four-year pilot scheme called the JoyAge Holistic Support Project for Elderly Mental Wellness was launched by Shun On DECC in the Kwun Tong District and Wellness Zone ICCMW participates in its phase-two programme in Tseng Kwan O District.


December, 2019

The CFSC Yeoh Choy Wai Haan Memorial Kindergarten was inaugurated to provide high-quality child care services to residents of the Anderson District.

The Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Service Centre (Tsui Yip Co-production Centre) located inside the Kai Nang Integrated Rehabilitation Services Complex was put into operation.

October, 2019

Our second dementia-specific cognitive training centre, Vera R. Desai-Mind Delight Memory & Cognitive Training Centre, became fully operational in Aberdeen.

March, 2019

A four-year initiative named the Pilot Scheme on Professional Outreaching Team for Private Residential Care Homes for Persons with Disabilities was launched to serve 26 private residential care homes for people with disabilities across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

February, 2019

Our Shing Him Small Group Home and Shing Oi Small Group Home commenced operations in Wong Tai Sin.


June, 2018

The InnovAGE Team was established to empower senior citizens aged over 50 to live a fulfilling and independent life.

January, 2018

With funding from the Hong Kong Housing Authority, the Community Service Team on Clearance of Mei Tung Estate was established in the Wong Tai Sin District to support older people living alone and households with two elderly members who were affected by the redevelopment project.


November, 2017

A new dental clinic was opened in To Kwa Wan.

February, 2017

The Agency’s second community green station, the Kwun Tong Community Green Station, began operations.


May, 2016

Supported by The Community Chest of Hong Kong, the Agency launched a carer support project named ‘LIFES Link – A Network of Services Handling the Dual Ageing Issues of Mentally Disabled Persons and their Caregivers’.

March, 2016

The CFSC Jockey Club New Estate Support Programme was rolled out to provide holistic support to new households moving into On Tat Estate and On Tai Estate.

Invited by the Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society and supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Agency took part in the HKACS-Jockey Club ‘Walking Hand-in-Hand’ Cancer Family Support Project.


February, 2015

The Service Development Team was set up as part of our Active Ageing Services to support healthy and active ageing.

February, 2015

CFSC won the bidding to operate the Shatin Community Green Station in Shek Mun, Sha Tin, the first project under the Environmental Protection Department’s ‘GREEN @ COMMUNITY’ campaign.

A-Soulroom commenced its services to promote physical and mental well-being through engaging both people with disabilities and young people in art creation.


December, 2014

A two-year scheme named Neighbourhood Mutual Help Project for New Arrivals was kick-started to support the new arrivals residing in Kwun Tong.

The Agency formed the Urban Renewal Social Service Team (Kowloon) and expanded the scope of our Urban Renewal Social Service to include Tai Kok Tsui and Hung Hom.The Agency formed the Urban Renewal Social Service Team (Kowloon) and expanded the scope of our Urban Renewal Social Service to include Tai Kok Tsui and Hung Hom.

July, 2014

The Locality Development Team was established to cater to the diverse needs for community services among the economically disadvantaged.

A development project of approximately 75,000 square feet called Urban Oasis commenced on 2 Kwun Tong Road.

January, 2014

The Agency launched Prime Link, a new initiative for retirees aged 50 or above intended to promote their creativity and contribute to an age-friendly community.


September, 2013

Our self-financed Lively Elderly Day Training Centre came into operation, providing rehabilitation services to the elderly in need in the Wong Tai Sin District.

March, 2013

Our Mind-Lock Memory and Cognitive Training Centre in Choi Ha Estate, Kowloon Bay commenced operations to serve people with dementia or mild cognitive impairment and their carers

January, 2013

The Everjoy - Home Care Service for Persons with Severe Disabilities was moved into the new office in Shun Lee Estate, where service users are provided with ongoing and reliable home care services to support their community living.


November, 2012

Christian Family Service Centre Dental Services Limited was officially recognised as a charitable institution by the Inland Revenue Department.

October, 2012

Our Causeway Bay Chinese Medicine Health Centre commenced operations to offer an extensive range of healthcare services on Hong Kong Island.

September, 2012

The Agency welcomed our very first self-financed CFSC Professional Talent Training Centre in Causeway Bay.

January, 2012

The Healthy Chinese Medical Centre was established to provide a wide spectrum of Traditional Chinese Medicine services.

The Inauguration Ceremony of the Newly Renovated CFSC Jockey Club Building was successfully held, signifying a new milestone in the development of our services and facilities.


December, 2011

Our Tsui Lam Day Care Centre for the Elderly in Tseung Kwan O was put into service.

September, 2011

YOU CAN - potential exploration unit' was established to unlock the potential of people of all ages through a variety of activities including art and sports.




November, 2010

The new Mind Lock Memory & Cognitive Training Centre funded by Bank of China was inaugurated.

October, 2010

The Mental Health Multi Services Centre-Wellness Zone in Tseung Kwan O commenced operations.

June, 2010

With funds from the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged and the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Agency founded the Auxiliary Professional Service to help retirees live a rewarding life in their golden years.

April, 2010

Our Tin Shui Wai Housing Advisory and Service Team (HAST) extended its services to tenants in public estates across Tuen Mun, Yuen Long and Tung Chung.


November, 2009

The Choi Ying Day Care Centre for the Elderly was founded.


October, 2008

The Kwun Tong Community Rehabilitation Day Centre was founded.

April, 2008

Funded by the Hong Kong Housing Advisory, the Tin Shui Wai Housing Advisory and Service Team (HAST) was established.


Home Café was officially open for business.Home Café was officially open for business.


October, 2005

The Agency began offering the Wong Tai Sin Enhanced Home and Community Care Services, funded by the Social Welfare Department.


October, 2004

The Family Counseling Unit was integrated into our Family Service and renamed as the Family Energizer (Integrated Family Service).

Mr. Kwok Lit-tung assumed office as the fourth Chief Executive of CFSC and undertook to lead the way forward through new challenges ahead.


Two of our Multi-Service Centres for the Elderly were transformed into Day Care Centres for the Elderly as part of an effort to restructure our community services for the elderly.


Integrated Rehabilitation Services were introduced to provide care services, home-based training and temporary accommodation to those with mental and physical disabilities.

The Social Service Team in the Buildings Department was established with funds from the Building Department.

The Youth Leap Education Centre was set up as an integrated centre for youth education.

July, 2002

The Agency co-founded the Chinese Medical Clinics with the Faculty of Chinese Medical of the Chinese University in Hong Kong to provide traditional Chinese internal medicine, bone-setting, acupuncture and decoction services.


The On Yue & On Yee Supported Hostel for ex-mentally ill persons was established.

Mobilised dental services for the elderly were officially launched.

The Jackie Chan King Lam Youth Centre was transformed into the self-financed Jackie Chan Whole Person Development Centre to promote whole person development.The Jackie Chan King Lam Youth Centre was transformed into the self-financed Jackie Chan Whole Person Development Centre to promote whole person development.

April, 2001

With subventions from the Social Welfare Department, the Agency launched the Kwun Tong Enhanced Home and Community Care Services.




January, 1999

The new ten-storey headquarter building was put into use, opening up more spaces for the provision of a variety of services.



The Whole Person Development Centre was founded to provide all-round support for children, youth and their parents.



Three Small Group Homesfor children with mild intellectual disabilities were established in Tseung Kwan O.



Our very first women protection centre, Serene Court, was founded to provide 24-hour emergency accommodation and counselling services for victims of domestic violence and their children.



The Supported Employment Service for the Disabled was established.

Our second day care centre for the elderly, the Wang Tau Hom Day Care Centre for the Elderly, was put into service.



The Industrial Social Service was remodelled and renamed as the Employee Service Programme.

Our first day nursery, Tak-Tin Day Nursery, was established in Tak Tin Estate, Lam Tin.



The Jackie Chan King Lam Youth Centre funded by the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation was established.



Our second elderly residential home, the Yam Pak Charitable Foundation King Lam Home for the Elderly, was opened.

The Agency launched rehabilitation services and set up the Tsui Lam Sheltered Workshop and Half-way House.





The Family Aide Service was established.



The Board of Directors approved the in-situ redevelopment of the headquarter building, as the existing premises were too small to support the rapid expansion of our services.

The Clinical Psychology Service was set up.

The Elderly Community Centre was put into service.



Our first Elderly Community Day Centre in the Kowloon East District came into operation.



The Single Parent Service was launched.



The Agency’s second Chief Executive, Miss Ko Hiu Kwong, retired after 26 years of service and was succeeded by Miss Nora Yau.



Adult Education was offered for those aged 18 or above looking to further their education and undergo training.





The Tsui Ping Community Development Project was initiated to help residents readapt to the newly-redeveloped neighbourhood.



The Industrial Social Service was developed to offer labour and employment law consultation and strengthen communications between employees and employers.

The Children Centre was founded to provide child care services for families struggling to make ends meet.

Our community services were extended to resolve housing problems in Lee Yu Mun by promoting the spirit of solidarity and mutual aid in the community.



The Home Help service was established to provide day care for the elderly in need.

The Mutual Help Centre was set up for the elderly to make the best of their leisure time and unleash their potential through various activities.



The Family Life Education Service was established to promote family education and reduce family conflicts.



The community development service for residents of temporary housing in Kwun Tong was introduced to smooth their resettlement into public housing.



The School Social Work Unit was launched to serve primary school students.

The Agency’s first elderly home, Yang Cheng House, was established in Tiu Keng Leng.


Early development (Before 1970)



New residences were provided by courtesy of Tiu Keng Leng Christian Medical Clinic for the expansion of our services.



The Agency built 102 single-storey concrete cottages in Chuk Yuen and Tiu Keng Leng.



The United Presbyterian Casework Centre was officially renamed as Christian Family Service Centre and relocated to its current site at 3 Tsui Ping Road, Kwun Tong, serving those in need in the Kowloon East District.



The Agency began offering consultation and family counselling services, established the Handicraft Department and opened a small showroom on Prince Edward Road.



Child care services were launched at Tiu Keng Leng Christian Medical Clinic.



Rennie’s Mill Fedding Centre was set up in Tiu Keng Leng to facilitate the rehabilitation of tuberculosis patients and provide catering services and education support to boarding school students in the community.



Construction works to build over 20 stone cottages commenced in the fourth district of Chuk Yuen.



Miss Doris Caldwell was sent to replace Miss Boone.



Construction works of three stone cottages were completed in the second district of the Chuk Yuen Resettlement Area.



Our office was relocated to 221 Sai Yee Street in Mong Kok.


October, 1955

The Agency began operating on borrowed premises at the Grace Church of the Church of Christ in China in Mong Kok and became one of the first organisations to offer family services in Hong Kong.



Christian Family Service Centre, then known as United Presbyterian Missionary, was founded by Miss Muriel Boone to serve refugees from mainland China.