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Embrace your emotions and give your afflicted spirit a consoling hug. We keep emotionally distressed people company to help them live a wholesome and hopeful life and build a mentally healthy city.


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According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), depression will be the second most significant health condition after heart disease in the world by 2020. Driven by the evolving needs of emotionally distressed people at different stages of life, we strive to facilitate their recovery by leveraging their personal strengths, combined with family support and community resources. We also engage in cross-sector collaborations to help patients develop an optimist and healthy lifestyle and enhance public understanding of mental health through education and awareness campaigns.

To address the growing prevalence of emotional distress in children and adolescents, we adopt early identification and intervention to advocate a caring culture at schools and empower students in embracing adversities with a positive outlook on life.

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Parent Group

由本會精神健康服務轄下的賽馬會「家 ‧ 添晴」家長支援計劃主辦,最新一期「家家有晴」接納與承諾治療手法家長小組現正接受報名 !是次更開設晚上時段,希望更多雙職家長能夠參與。

接納與承諾治療手法(Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,簡稱ACT)ACT被證實為臨床效果良好的心理治療,可以個案或小組方式進行,對改善情緒素質、教養子女及個人成長等各方面都有幫助。家長小組以小班形式透過網上進行,由資深社工提供培訓,針對家長管教上遇到的疑難及引起的情緒,協助以更有心理彈性的策略培育及管教子女,以達致更融洽、更有活力的家庭生活。希望帶家長從一片迷霧裡,找到出路!


Tough Times Together” Mindful Self-Compassion Project for Carer




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