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You are welcome to join as our volunteers to help people in need, including Children, Youth, Low income families, Elderly, People with Disabilities, Ex-mentally ill persons, etc..
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We appreciate for your enthusiastic support to CFSC!

Your personal data (including your name, telephone number, fax number, email address and correspondence address) will be used by Christian Family Service Centre (CFSC) for the purpose of issuing receipts, communications, fundraising, promotion of activities, volunteer recruitment and conducting surveys for CFSC. Your personal data will be treated as strictly confidential and saved in our encrypted database. The personal data being collected via the present means, other than being utilized as the purposes above mentioned, will not be sold, traded or rented in any forms through any means to any other parties. If you object your personal data being utilized for the above purposes, please contact our Corporate Communications & Resources Development Unit at 2861 0283 or email the request to comm@cfsc.org.hk. If CFSC does not receive your objection for utilizing your personal data for the above purposes, CFSC shall assume that you have no objection for utilizing your personal data for the above purposes until CFSC receives your further notification.