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Livable City

Environmental Protection & Green Living

Our visions

Natural resources and the ecological environment must be protected to save our precious Earth. We encourage the public to reduce pollution and waste, while working closely with different social groups and sectors to build a sustainable future.


Our services

We integrate green practices into the everyday life to raise public awareness on environmental protection and call for actions to reduce municipal solid waste, promote green community and increase the livability of our city.


Event Highlights

「沙田綠 Fun Fun」社區綠惜市集 活動精彩回顧

由香港賽馬會贊助,CFSC主辦的「沙田綠 Fun Fun」社區綠惜市集,較早前於沙田大會堂廣場完滿舉行了一連兩天活動。 當日,大會很榮幸邀請到環境保護署助理署長(減廢)區詩敏博士、環境保護處署助理署長(廢物基建)雷學良先生、署理沙田民政事務專員鄭奕文先生、香港賽馬會對外事務部主管鄭琪先生和CFSC總幹事梁少玲女士擔任主禮嘉賓,以及超過80位嘉賓(包括約18位沙田區區議員)出席啟動禮。


CFSC EPGL Services awarded with the "Outstanding Green Event Facilitator Award" by the Green Event Alliance

CFSC的環保及綠色生活一直致力提升市民的環保意識,提倡公眾減少污染和浪費,一同實踐綠色生活模式。 早前,香港品質保證局獲回收基金資助,舉辦「回收基金:香港傑出綠色活動大獎」頒獎禮,當中,CFSC 很榮幸獲得「 傑出綠色活動促進者大獎」,以表揚我們積極推動環保工作,我們很感謝主辦機構對本會的認同 ,以及各界一直的支持。



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