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Social Inclusion

Opportunities and Inclusion for People with Disabilities

Our visions

Involvement breeds happiness. We are committed to securing the employment of people with disabilities, advocating a respectful appreciation for diversity and creating an inclusive society that accommodates differences and upholds equality.


Our services

We value individuality and seek to break with tradition and spread the message that everyone can contribute to our society irrespective of physical abilities. While building an inclusive society, we also provide various types of vocational training, employment support and personal development programmes for people with disabilities to re-build their confidence and re-connect with the society through employment.

Event Highlights

ICBC celebrated Dragon Boat Festival with the Service Users of Hoi Nga House

剛過去的端午節,CFSC「共融事務所」得到工行駐港機構「ONE ICBC公益服務團」的支持及贊助,舉辦「同心同慶 - 端午愛心同樂日」迎接這個糭葉飄香的佳節。 當天中國工商銀行(亞洲)主席兼執行董事劉亞干博士帶領工行駐港機構「ONE ICBC公益服務團」,連同CFSC「共融事務所」一起到訪凱雅家舍,以表達對殘疾人士的關心與支持外,更與舍友們及照顧者一起學習及製作愛心糭,大家同心合力,完成逾百份的愛心糭,期後更親手將愛心糭送給服務使用者以表祝福,並希望藉此連結社區,共渡開心共融的端午佳節。



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