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Social Inclusion

Opportunities and Inclusion for People with Disabilities

Our visions

Involvement breeds happiness. We are committed to securing the employment of people with disabilities, advocating a respectful appreciation for diversity and creating an inclusive society that accommodates differences and upholds equality.


Our services

We value individuality and seek to break with tradition and spread the message that everyone can contribute to our society irrespective of physical abilities. While building an inclusive society, we also provide various types of vocational training, employment support and personal development programmes for people with disabilities to re-build their confidence and re-connect with the society through employment.

Event Highlights

Happy Can Year - Christmas Installation by Alchemist Creations x Opportunities and Inclusion for People with Disabilities

這個聖誕節,對於CFSC翠林綜合職業復康服務的殘疾學員來說別具意義。今年,我們十分榮幸參與由海濱事務委員會及Alchemist Creations呈獻的「Merry Village • Happy Can Year」大型聖誕企劃,殘疾學員在中心職員的協作下參與製作,將過萬個由餐廳收集回來的汽水鋁罐,一點一滴組裝成不同的大型聖誕裝置。為大家打造多個大型的藝術裝置,向公眾展現才能,締造一個閃亮共融的聖誕節。



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