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Care For Elders

Elderly Care Services

Our visions

To support the elderly in their golden years, we offer care services that cater to their specific needs and encourage family engagement and community support, allowing them to lead a comfortable and healthy late life.


Our services

Population ageing is a common issue in the modern society. We provide good care services for elderly persons with mild to severe impairment, from home and community care services, day care centres to residential services, covering meal service, daily care, professional care, recovery treatment, rehabilitation training, counselling and social activities. These services are designed to enable the elderly to live happily and with dignity in the neighbourhood. We also provide training and support to dementia patients and their carers and continue to expand our community network to educate the public on elderly care and promote community support for the elderly.

Event Highlights

Training Course - Emergency Assistance and Comprehensive Bridging Services to Elderly Carers to Support Frail Elderly at Home

CFSC 的緊急護老服務得到維拉律敦治‧荻茜慈善基金資助,舉辦「陪住你」上門看顧支援計劃,並透過培訓「替假護老者」為有需要人士提供上門看顧服務,包括短暫陪伴、簡易訓練及運動、陪伴外出等為有需要的照顧者提供定期喘息的時間。



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