HK Standard - Application for over 1,000 transitional housing units in Tseung Kwan O open Fri


Source: HK Standard
Date: 22, June, 2023 (Thursday)
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HK Standard - Application for over 1000 transitional housing units in Tseung Kwan O open Fri

The application for 1,079 flats from three transitional housing projects in Tsueng Kwan O will open from this Friday (Jun 23) until June 30, with rent ranging between HK$2,500 and HK$5,350. 

The three housing projects, operated by the Christian Family Service Center (CFSC), are located on Tong Yin Street, Po Yap Road, and Po Lam Road North. 

The flats have a floor area of between 107 square feet and 265 square feet. They include four-person household flats and disability-accessible flats, while over half of the apartments are one-person and two-person household flats. 

Successful applicants can move into Po Ting Terraced Home on Po Lam Road North and Yin Ting Terraced Home on Tong Yin Street from August to September and move into Yap Ting Terraced Home on Po Yap Road from November to December. 

The CFSC said each household could live in transitional housing for two years. 

Applicants must meet the Housing Authority’s prevailing policies and eligibility criteria for applying for public rental housing for one-to-four-person families, including but not limited to family size, income, and asset value. 

Applicants must also be willing to join activities, contribute to the social housing community, and have a concrete and feasible moving-out plan before the contract ends. 

Applicants will be classified into two types: those on the waiting list for public rental housing for more than three years and those on the list for less than three years. 

Interested citizens can head to the CFSC at Room 711, 7/F, 3 Tsui Ping Street, Kwun Tong, to submit in-person applications. The application period will open from 2 pm to 9 pm on June 23 and from 11 am to 7 pm on June 24 and 25. 

Citizens can also submit applications by filling out an online form and through email and post. The applications will close at noon on June 30. 

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