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Inclusive West Kowloon Community Engagement Programme – Inclusive Workshop Series


Inclusive West Kowloon Community Engagement Programme –  Inclusive Workshop Series

The Inclusive West Kowloon Community Engagement Programme is co-presented by the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority and the Christian Family Service Centre, sponsored by the Yau Tsim Mong District Office of the Home Affairs Department. From Dec 2022 to Feb 2023, 13 sessions of Inclusive Workshop will be organised, people with and without disabilities are welcome to join the workshops. Through introducing the accessible and welcoming features of the West Kowloon Cultural District, participants can enjoy the arts and cultural activities from an inclusive point of view. 

Inclusive Workshop Series

1. Exploring West Kowloon
West Kowloon Cultural District values diversity and inclusion. To ensure that everyone can enjoy our arts and cultural programmes, we are committed to making the district accessible and creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all visitors. In this workshop, participants will be able to explore and experience the accessible facilities in the West Kowloon Cultural District, and enjoy the arts and culture atmosphere and green environment, meanwhile understanding the needs of people with disabilities. 

Programme Content:

  • Participants will be divided into teams to challenge the checkpoints at the Art Park
  • Each team will  plan their own routes and strategies to explore the accessible facilities in the Art Park. Work with your teammates and complete the challenges within the time limit

 Exploring West Kowloon


2. Coffee Brewing Workshop

People with visual impairment can also become a barista, brewing coffee with heart and enthusiasm. The workshop will be taken place at the Wabi Sabi Coffee in the West Kowloon Cultural District. Barista with visual impairment will share his/ her life experience, while a professional barista will guide the participants in coffee brewing techniques. Participants will also try out coffee brewing in visual impaired situation, as well as the opportunity for making your own drip bag.

Programme Content:

  • Sharing by barista with visual impairment
  • Drip bag DIY
  • Try out coffee brewing in visual impaired situation

Coffee Brewing Workshop

Coffee Brewing Workshop


3. Xiqu Culture Experience Workshop

Emerging Cantonese opera artist Leung Fei-tung will introduce the basic knowledge of the art form. Participants will learn basic stage movement (hands and fingers) and learn how these gestures can be used to convey meaning. There are three interactive sessions in total during the workshop, each participant will be given a styrofoam ball to facilitate the simulation and imitation to the movements.

Programme Content:

  • “Eyes and Hands” (foundations of basic stage movement): Training on eye movement (looking up to down, from left to right) and various common hand gestures stage movements used in Cantonese opera performances
  • “1-to-10 Finger Movement” (application of basic stage movements in conveying simple messages): Learning a total of 10 hand gestures according to the numbers ranging from one to ten 
  • “Tea Drinking” (application of basic stage movements in a daily life – pouring and drinking tea): mime actions of pouring and drinking tea via hands and fingers movement used in Cantonese opera performance. Participants with and without disabilities are welcomed to form groups and practice the drinking gestures

Xiqu Culture Experience Workshop

4. Chinese Lantern DIY Workshop

With the theme of Lantern Festival, participants will be able to create their own traditional lanterns and solve lantern riddles together with ethnic minorities. Through the workshop, participants will learn more about traditional Chinese festivals and culture, and be able to exchange cultural knowledge to promote social inclusion.

Programme Content:

  • Create your lantern with cutting, sticking, and drawing skills
  • Lantern riddles solving

5. In the Moment of Seeing 
In this interactive workshop, participants will learn to observe our space from an unexpected perspective and snap photos of everyday objects using your phone with photographer Kevin Cheng. Cheng will also share how he captures his surroundings from unique angles with creative methods as a wheelchair user. Participants will dive into the creations that stem from the instructor’s experience, explore creativity and revisit the conventional idea of disability. 

Programme Content:

  • Instructor to introduce and demonstrate the perspective and means to capture surroundings 
  • Create records of observations with everyday objects through drawing or making collages
  • Explore exciting spaces and environments inside or outside M+, illustrate your imagination with the everyday objects and take a photo of your creative scenery as a record

In the Moment of Seeing, Photo: Winnie Yeung @ Visual Voices. Courtesy of M+, Hong Kong.

In the Moment of Seeing, Photo: Winnie Yeung @ Visual Voices. Courtesy of M+, Hong Kong.
Photo: Winnie Yeung @ Visual Voices. Courtesy of M+, Hong Kong.

6. Visit the Hong Kong Palace Museum (Gallery 4)
The Hong Kong Palace Museum displays exceptional works from the Palace Museum in Beijing and beyond. Gallery 4, Encountering the Majestic: Portraits of Qing Emperors and Empresses, exhibited commemorative portraits and accompanying sketches of Qing emperors and empresses.

Programme Content:

  • Guided tour of Gallery 4 in appreciation of the exhibits
  • Introduction on the ruling family of the Qing dynasty and portrait painting techniques

Visit the Hong Kong Palace Museum (Gallery 4)

7. Paper Book Workshop
Instructed by a registered expressive arts therapist, participants will be handcrafting a memoir by drawing, scrapbooking and writing The four sessions are divided to cover 2 topics, including Youth (suitable for participants aged between 12-21) and Support Person of People with Disability.
Programme Content:

  • Youth Session: Participants will be handcrafting a memoir while guided to reflect on their personal growth journey to develop a better understanding of themselves. Participation of young people are welcomed.
  • Support Person of People with Disability Session: Participants will be handcrafting a memoir while getting healed through the calming art creation process and to release the stress of taking up the role as a support person. Participation of support person of people with disability are welcomed. 


Workshop Date and Time






Workshop Combo (1)

“Xiqu Culture Experience Workshop” &

“Chinese Lantern DIY Workshop"

15 Dec 2022 (Thu)

20 Dec 2022 (Tue)^

3 Feb 2023 (Fri)*


Xiqu Centre

Workshop Combo (2)

“Visit the Hong Kong Palace Museum” & “Paper Book Workshop

11 Jan 2023 (Wed)  
( Youth Session )

18 Jan 2023 (Wed)^ 
( Youth Session )

1 Feb 2023 (Wed)* 
( Support person of People with Disability Session )


Hong Kong Palace Museum

1 Feb 2023 (Wed) 
( Support person of People with Disability Session )


Workshop Combo (3)

“Exploring West Kowloon” & “Coffee Brewing Workshop” 

6 Jan 2023 (Fri)^

13 Jan 2023 (Fri)*


Art Park & Wabi Sabi Coffee

Workshop Combo (4)

“Exploring West Kowloon” & “In the Moment of Seeing”

23 Dec 2022 (Fri)^

30 Dec 2022 (Fri)*


Art Park & M+

20 Jan 2023 (Fri)^

27 Jan 2023 (Fri)*

3:00 – 6:00pm



  1. Access service is available by appointment for some sessions. 
    *Hong Kong Sign Interpretation (available by appointment)
    ^Audio Description (available by appointment) 
  2. Programme content is subject to change, organiser reverses the rights to revise the programme content and trainer, or cancelation of the programme.

Apply Now:https://cfsc.me/InclusiveWorkshop  (Limited quotas, first-come-first-serve)

Enrollment Deadline:30 Nov 2022 (Wed)

Target: People with or without disabilities (People of different age groups are welcome to enroll in all the programmes. Children under the age of twelve must be accompanied by an adult. Priorities will be given to people living, working or studying in Yau Tsim Mong District.)


Tel: 3521 1611 
Fax: 2706 1223
Email: cfsc_inclusion@cfsc.org.hk