Target Group and Service Needs

The refuge centre provides temporary shelter for women and children fleeing domestic violence or family crisis situations, protecting them from further violence.

Refuge Centre for Women typically offers temporary accommodation for a maximum of two weeks and accepts applications for extension of stay to three months if necessary. In addition to emergency accommodation, the Refuge Centre also provides counselling, group therapy, referrals and other services.


There are currently five refuge centres for women in Hong Kong, including CFSC’s Serene Court (Refuge Centre for Women).

Women experiencing domestic violence can call our 24-hour emergency hotline: 2381 3311 and apply for emergency accommodation. We also accept referrals from social workers, police officers and medical professionals.

The Refuge Centre evaluates each case individually to determine whether the applicant and her child(ren) (not including boys aged 17 years or above) are eligible for accommodation. Applicants should abide by the following code of conduct:

  • To adapt to communal living and live in harmony with others
  • To take care of herself and her child(ren) (if any)
  • To agree to receive counselling services from social workers
  • To respect the confidentiality of the centre’s location
  • To comply with the rules of the centre