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Social Inclusion

Opportunities and Inclusion for People with Disabilities

Our visions

Involvement breeds happiness. We are committed to securing the employment of people with disabilities, advocating a respectful appreciation for diversity and creating an inclusive society that accommodates differences and upholds equality.


Our services

We value individuality and seek to break with tradition and spread the message that everyone can contribute to our society irrespective of physical abilities. While building an inclusive society, we also provide various types of vocational training, employment support and personal development programmes for people with disabilities to re-build their confidence and re-connect with the society through employment.

Event Highlights

Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East Mother''s Day collaboration with CFSC A-soulroom

感謝香港九龍東皇冠假日酒店支持CFSC 的「思藝手作」,在母親節期間(5月13及14日)向酒店餐廳(尚廚、紫粵軒及星幕的午餐及晚餐)的客人送上由將軍澳翠林邨翠林綜合職業復康服務殘疾人士親手製作的「迷你永生花」以表心意,為社區內的母親送上祝福,亦希望向社會各界展示殘疾學員的才能,創建共融社會。


"Smile · U are Beautiful" Art Exhibition by Tsui Lam Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Service

本會翠林綜合職業復康服務輔助就業服務於3月17至19日舉辦「Smile‧U are Beautiful」藝術展覽。活動首天,本會助理總幹事彭淑玲女士和贊助機構「華人永遠墳場管理委員會」主任(企業事務)衛宛筠小姐為藝術展覽主持開幕禮,並嘉許服務使用者及義工導師為藝術所付出的支持。


香港社會服務巡禮: CFSC與大家一起 擁抱不同 樂見共融

CFSC日前參加由香港社會服務聯會舉辦的「社聯會議暨香港社會服務巡禮2023」,向大家介紹我們的多元化社會服務。 當日勞工及福利局副局長何啟明太平紳士更親臨我們的展位,了解我們的工作,當中的共融就業服務,我們展示了由翠林綜合職業復康服務(翠林工場)的皮革工場產品,它們由生產至包裝都是由殘疾人士學員主理,讓學員有機會發揮所長,而產品以商業模式銷售,不同機構或人士,都可以用行動支持我們。



Latest services

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