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Social Inclusion

Opportunities and Inclusion for People with Disabilities

Our visions

Involvement breeds happiness. We are committed to securing the employment of people with disabilities, advocating a respectful appreciation for diversity and creating an inclusive society that accommodates differences and upholds equality.


Our services

We value individuality and seek to break with tradition and spread the message that everyone can contribute to our society irrespective of physical abilities. While building an inclusive society, we also provide various types of vocational training, employment support and personal development programmes for people with disabilities to re-build their confidence and re-connect with the society through employment.

Event Highlights

Tsui Ngai Co-production Centre and Sheung Yan House Opening Ceremony cum Open Day

CFSC位於蘇屋邨的綜合職業康復服務中心「翠藝中心」及中度智障人士宿舍「尚恩家舍」日前舉行「開幕典禮暨開放日」,我們榮幸邀請到社會福利署助理署長(康復及醫務社會服務) 葉巧瑜女士、民政事務總署深水埗民政事務專員黃昕然先生, JP、勞工及福利局助理康復專員梁美儀女士、社會福利署署理深水埗區助理福利專員盧淑儀女士、基督教家庭服務中心董事會主席關銳煊教授及總幹事梁少玲女士主持啟動儀式。



Latest services

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