Livable City

Environmental Protection & Green Living

Our visions

Natural resources and the ecological environment must be protected to save our precious Earth. We encourage the public to reduce pollution and waste, while working closely with different social groups and sectors to build a sustainable future.


Our services

We integrate green practices into the everyday life to raise public awareness on environmental protection and call for actions to reduce municipal solid waste, promote green community and increase the livability of our city.



Look for Green - Charity Second Hand Bazaar

由基督教家庭服務中心主辦、香港賽馬會慈善信託基金資助的賽馬會「回收轆轆」流動環保計劃將舉行9月份《二賣》二手慈善義賣活動,預計推出超過1,000件已消毒清潔的二手衣物及超過200件二手電器,分別以建議最低捐款價 $10 及 $40 進行義賣,推廣社區共享文化,同時讓區內有需要人士有機會以低價購得所需的生活用品。


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都市綠洲 Urban Oasis