Date Title Text Version
2022/06/30 本會首個參與興建及營運 長沙灣長順街過渡性房屋項目動土禮 (Text Version)
2022/05/31 CFSC Moon Cake Charity Sale 2022 (Text Version)
2022/04/29 Thanks for the Support to CFSC - Donation Acknowledgement (Text Version)
2022/03/31 「富途抗疫同行支援貧困家庭計劃」 經濟上支援受疫情影響的低收入家庭渡過難關 (Text Version)
2022/03/11 Rehab Raffle Ticket 2022 (Text Version)
2022/02/28 攜手抗疫 支援弱勢社群 (Text Version)
2022/01/28 Happy Chinese New Year (newsletter) (Text Version)
2022/01/21 Happy Chinese New Year! (ecard and WhatsApp Stickers) (Text Version)
2021/12/30 GREEN@SAI KUNG Opening Ceremony (Text Version)
2021/12/16 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! (Text Version)
2021/11/30 第67屆週年大會已圓滿舉行 (Text Version)
2021/10/29 義工嘉許禮2021 (Text Version)
2021/09/30 Thanks for Supporting Mooncake Donation (Text Version)
2021/08/31 Chill @ Kwun Tong (Text Version)
2021/07/30 Pastel Nagomi Art Workshop (Text Version)