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Corporate Policy

CFSC Sustainability Policy

  1. Policy Rationale & Direction
    1. "Sustainable development" is generally defined as a development model that satisfies the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of future generations. It consists of three elements: economic, environmental and social. In order to achieve sustainable development, economic growth, environmental protection and social development need to be balanced to ensure that they can continue to meet the needs of future generations;
    2. Implementation of Sustainability Policy and also promote employees’ environmental awareness to reduce environmental pollution. Provide a safe and healthy working environment for employees and service users.


  1. Policy Targets
    1. Promote to employees and other stakeholders and raise their awareness and responsibility for environmental protection;
    2. Reduce consumption of Earth's resources, such as energy and water, and reduce possible pollution and adverse effects to the environment;
    3. Perform civic responsibilities of corporation. And improve the quality of life and promote the development of the communities through different types of center’s activities.


  1. Policy

In order to achieve the goal of sustainable development, the organization is committed to:-

  1. Ensure that all employees are fully aware of the organization's sustainability policies and enhance the environmental awareness of employees and service users;
  2. Provide a safe environment for employees and all stakeholders and enable them to work and develop their potential in a fair and respected environment;
  3. Reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and environmental pollution in different ways;
  4. Establish good relationships with the communities, respect their cultural heritage, promote community development, and enhance the quality of community life and practice social responsibility;
  5. Adhere to the concept of sustainable development and continuously improve its performance


  1. Policy Implementation
  1. Develop different policies and management plans within three years after the Implementation of this policy, including:
    • Formulate an "Energy Management Policy", including the installation of Building Management System and the participation of energy-saving Charters implemented by government departments to reduce energy consumption;
    • Formulate a “Water Conservation Policy”, including the installation of water efficient device to reduce water consumption;
    • Formulate a “Green Purchasing Policy” to encourage employees to minimize the impact on the environment when purchasing goods and services;
    • Formulate a “Waste Management Policy”, including the implemented Waste Separation and Recycling Programme and the setup of food decomposer;
    • Formulate a “Green Cleaning Plan” to avoid the use of detergents containing toxic or carcinogenic substances;
    • Formulate "External Lighting Policy" and "Pest Management Plan".
  2. . Provide a safe and respected environment to employees and all stakeholders, including:
    • Formulate the "Prevention and Handling of Sexual Harassment Policy";
    • Formulate an "Occupational Safety Policy";
    • Test the quality of indoor air regularly to maintain good air quality and to consider participating in the Environmental Protection Department's Indoor Air Quality Certification Scheme;
    • Establish appropriate inspection and maintenance schedule for the facilities of the headquarters building.
  3. Education and participation of employees
    • To promote awareness and responsibility on environmental protection and sustainable development to employees and shareholders through different channels such as seminar, events and publicity;
    • To promote green and low-carbon living and enhance environmental awareness of employees through participating different environmental community activities;
    • Establish different channels and means for employees to express their opinions
  4. The short-term goal is the headquarters building to become a green building and obtain gold rating of BEAM Plus Certification. On the one hand, to minimizes the impact of buildings on the environment in order to contribute to the fighting against climate change, and also improve the health of the building users.
  5. Working with the Government/other organizations to promote environmental protection, including the continued implementation and development of Environmental Protection & Green Living" core services.
  6. In line with the strategic direction of the organization we will encourage and promote the participation of different sectors, and actively promote a friendly community and a sustainable environment (such as organizing volunteer services and organising community events) in order to build a better city.