Tsui Yip Co-production Centre
Tsui Yip Co-production Centre

Service Introduction

Vocational rehabilitation service aims to provide people with disabilities with a simulated working environment,

allowing them to participate in productive activities and promote employment,

affirming their personal value and dignity, thereby promoting disability and health inclusion.

Service Theme - Five Senses

The theme of Tsui Yip Co-Production Center - Using the Five Senses


What are the "Five Senses"?

The five senses, in a broad sense, are the five innate senses of most people - sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. In our services, we prefer to apply the "five senses" (i.e. sound, colour, smell, taste and sense) to the design of our services.


Why do we need " Five Senses "?

When people enter a new space, they will give priority to the "visual" aspect. However, when people only use single one sense as their primary source of reception, they will experience a significant sense of fatigue after prolonged use. Therefore, the design of training and even space can try to enhance the stimulation of other senses - using the human senses of hearing, taste, smell and touch - by linking multiple senses to greatly enhance people's sense of touch in their living experience.


In addition, literature has shown that people with intellectual disabilities generally have short attention span, distractibility, poor short-term memory and difficulty to understand abstract ideas. According to many scholars, a multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning can have a positive impact on the learning of people with intellectual disabilities.


How to use the " Five Senses "?

In the design and configuration of our environment and the types of work training, we have tried to use the "five senses" to meet the physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional needs of our trainees.


Where is the "Five Senses" implemented?

The environment of the centre is designed in such a way that service users enter the centre through the main entrance and walk all the way to the stage room at the other end of the venue, passing through different themed areas such as the recreation area, the fish room and the production training area.


Who is the "Five Senses" for?

Of course, our service users! Once the service is fully operational, we hope that through training sessions and inclusive activities, community members can come into the centre and have direct contact, communication and exchange with the service users.


All in all, the "Five Senses" will become the medium of service intervention, through a variety of vocational training to enhance the self-image, working ability and economic potential of people with disabilities, and through the training platform to reach out to different groups of community members, to achieve the vision of "Inclusion of People with Disabilities"!