Service Contents

Service Content:

1. Living guide

2. Independent Living and Community Living Skills Training

3. Individual and group coaching

4. Arrange various extracurricular and holiday activities

5. Family Activities or Lectures


Service Objects:

1. Persons with intellectual disabilities over 15 years old

2. Currently employed in some form or undergoing day training

3. Both physical and mental conditions are suitable for group living

4. Good health, no infectious diseases, no drug or alcohol abuse

5. Able to live a semi-independent life, i.e. have the ability to take care of themselves, but need some degree of counseling and assistance in household chores such as cooking and washing, or community activities such as shopping


Application procedure:

Refer to the Central Referral System for Disabled Adult Services through a school social worker, medical social worker, family caseworker, or staff of a rehabilitation service unit.

Service charges:

According to Social Welfare Department fees