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Embrace your emotions and give your afflicted spirit a consoling hug. We keep emotionally distressed people company to help them live a wholesome and hopeful life and build a mentally healthy city.


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According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), depression will be the second most significant health condition after heart disease in the world by 2020. Driven by the evolving needs of emotionally distressed people at different stages of life, we strive to facilitate their recovery by leveraging their personal strengths, combined with family support and community resources. We also engage in cross-sector collaborations to help patients develop an optimist and healthy lifestyle and enhance public understanding of mental health through education and awareness campaigns.

To address the growing prevalence of emotional distress in children and adolescents, we adopt early identification and intervention to advocate a caring culture at schools and empower students in embracing adversities with a positive outlook on life.


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Together we Think we Walk - Seminar on Parental Support


由香港賽馬會慈善信託基金捐助的賽馬會「家 • 添晴」家長支援計劃,2020年6月起展開為期三年的支援家長精神健康及促進家庭和諧的計劃。計劃將舉行研討會,分享在親子上應用「接納與承諾治療」之成效及實務手法,誠邀教師、社工及其他助人專業人士參與。


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Bear Your Mind 熊不喜歡孤單一個