Service FAQ

Application can be made directly to our service centre or through referrals from social service agencies.

All members are eligible to most of the service. However, local member can enjoy the priority in enrolment. 

Fees and Charges:

Allied health professionals services in home services

  $52 (per session)           

Centred-based Care and Support service

 $5 (per hour)

Home-based care and Support Service

$33 (per hour)


$21 (per year)

Day care service for persons with severe disabilities (including lunch fee)

$61 (per day) /

$1002 (per month)

Transport fee

$10 (per trip)

Activity / group / workshop

According to individual programme fee


The service fee is charged in accordance to the standard set by the Social Welfare Department. Please contact our service unit for any enquiries.


# Applicants are required to become member before using our service.

* We provide financial subsidy to special needs service users, please contact our social workers for details.

Remark: An additional lunch fee is charged for Centred-based Care and Support service if it is required by the service users.